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However, much of the new sentence will be served concurrently with his exiting 28-year prison term, adding only another three years because he is eligible for parole.

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Ridsdale spent three decades sexually abusing vulnerable children in unprecedented offending which 'demands an unprecedented sentence', a prosecutor argued earlier this month.

Crown prosecutor Jeremy Mc Williams recounted that in one particularly henious example in 1974 a 10-year-old girl was woken up by her father, while Ridsdale waited in the hallway, and driven with the priest to the church.

The former Catholic priest has been in jail since 1994, serving an effective total sentence of 28 years with a 25-year non-parole period for similar offences.

Defence counsel Tim Marsh agreed the offending was unprecedented but asked Judge Irene Lawson not to add to Ridsdale's current sentence or earliest possible parole date of April 2019.

The former Catholic priest was on Thursday sentenced to 11 years jail for abusing another dozen children during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.