Dating a catholic priest

Sentenced to two years and three months 1993 COURT CASE* Convicted of sexually assaulting eight children* Pleaded guilty to 27 offences* Sentenced to two years and three months, suspended after three months November 1993 - Laicised August 1994 - Admits abusing 20 boys and one girl from 1961-1982.

October 1994 - Jailed for 18 years 1994 COURT CASE* Convicted of sexually assaulting 20 boys and one girl* Pleaded guilty to 46 offences between 19* Included abusing a boy and girl after presiding over their father's funeral and indecently assaulting an altar boy during confession* Jailed for 18 years, with 15-year minimum August 2006 - Sentenced to 13 years; admits abusing 10 boys from 1970-1987 2006 COURT CASE* Convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys from 1970-1987* Pleaded guilty to 35 offences* Sentenced to 13 years' jail, with seven-year minimum* Included sexual abuse in the confessional, in the sacristy, in the presbytery, in his car; following Mass, first holy communion, confirmation, weddings and funerals April 2014 - Sentenced to eight years; admits abusing 11 boys, three girls from 1961-1980 2014 COURT CASE* Convicted of sexually abusing 11 boys and three girls* Pleads guilty to 30 offences between 19* Victims included a girl aged four when offending began, three children in one family* Sentenced to eight years' jail, with five-year minimum December 2016 - Charged with 36 fresh historical sex abuse charges related to offences that allegedly took place in Ballarat, Ocean Grove, Merbein, Edenhope, Quantong, Mortlake and Riverside March 2017 - Two further charges added April 2017 - Ridsdale pleads guilty to 23 charges related the abuse of another 12 victims in Ballarat August 2017 - Faces pre-sentencing hearing in Victorian County Court 2017 COURT CASE* Has pleaded guilty to 23 offences against 11 boys and one girl* Majority indecent assault charges ABUSE CLAIMS TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH* 78 people made claims about Ridsdale to church* Cover abuse from 1961 to 1988* Compensation totalling $2.42m (including treatment, legal and other costs) paid to 32 victims who pursued civil claims; average almost $76,000* Total of $1.2m paid to 28 victims through redress process; average $43,000* Based on claims received by Ballarat diocese from January 1980-February 2015.

First complaint from a boy at Villa Maria boarding school in Ballarat East1964-1974 - Assistant priest Mildura, Swan Hill, Warrnambool and Ballarat East1974-1975 - Parish priest Apollo Bay.

Puts in for transfer after a man tells him in a pub there's talk about him and kids1975 - Parish priest Inglewood.

Offends against boy from parish prayer group who became his altar boy.


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