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Those that do will embark on an intensive course of classroom and field study for approximately 6 months. One of the following must be presented at the time of filing: *If the applicant graduated from, for example, a Charter School was home schooled, or graduated from a school outside of Ohio applicant MUST be able to document that the requirements of the state in which the diploma/GED was issued were met.

To remain in training, Cadets must: Under supervision of a Sergeant or other superior officer, performs general and special police duty in an assigned district or unit in the preservation of law and order. Driver's License: Applicant must have a valid State of Ohio Driver's License PRIOR to appointment to the Police Academy.

There are also misdemeanor convictions that would result in the removal of an applicant from the eligibility list.

Psychological Evaluation: A psychological evaluation to determine the applicant's emotional suitability to perform all aspects of the job will be conducted.

Questions regarding the video may be directed to 216.623.5135 or 216.623.5136.