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Yet, as the bots develop and get smarter, the possibilities are exciting.Although Expedia allows users to search hotels, flights, cruises, and cars, its Facebook Messenger bot currently only searches for hotels. “We are still in the early experimental stages with the Expedia bot for Messenger, but we’re excited about the opportunity to engage with travelers over this new medium,” Senior Expedia PR manager, Tarran Street, says in Viewfinder.

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Users simply need to open Facebook Messenger (on the web or on a smartphone) and type in Expedia or @Expedia into the “To:” field.

You then tell the bot a bit about your travel plans, and the bot will follow up with questions.

While the female avatars that greet you on the Copa and Amtrak websites can help with basic customer service questions, the rash of chatbots being developed for use through Facebook Messenger and Slack (a messenging app for workplace communication) offer a different experience.

The Facebook and Slack travel bots are generally for travel search companies such as Expedia and Skyscanner, and these chatbots are a bit smarter, in the sense that they actually help you book travel through conversation—rather than just showing you where to go on a website to book.

In some ways, though, these bots just offer users a different interface for doing the same thing (check out the comparison below of a hotel search on Expedia’s website versus the same hotel search through Expedia’s Facebook Messenger bot).