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Julie can help you with booking reservations, navigating the Amtrak website, and learning about the train stations.

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While the female avatars that greet you on the Copa and Amtrak websites can help with basic customer service questions, the rash of chatbots being developed for use through Facebook Messenger and Slack (a messenging app for workplace communication) offer a different experience.

The Facebook and Slack travel bots are generally for travel search companies such as Expedia and Skyscanner, and these chatbots are a bit smarter, in the sense that they actually help you book travel through conversation—rather than just showing you where to go on a website to book.

Through Messenger, you can have your boarding pass delivered, you can request a seat change, and receive travel updates (such as flight status).

Many chatbots are only operating in English, but KLM answers questions in 13 languages.

Users simply need to open Facebook Messenger (on the web or on a smartphone) and type in Expedia or @Expedia into the “To:” field.