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It is considered of ascidian affinity, due to the sac-like morphology and a series of distinctly perforated bands reminiscent of a tunicate pharynx. hunti is a tunicate, it could be the oldest ascidian fossil known as of its publication in 2012.

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Seems like, Willow Smith and Justin Bieber should have been featured on the album, because the chilren are the only ones who are pleased with the works of this tired ass album. Track 9: The only thing that’s “Blazin” is Onika’s pussy! This bitch had three years of FULL promotion, all of the wigs, costumes, features and favors that my husband Weezy’s hard earned MONEY can buy and THIS is what you decided to give us??????

Hopefully, you will be able to keep Hope alive for all of lil girls that’s drowning! “SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT.” Somebody please come by and carry this BITCH home! When is this bitch gonna learn that they stealing all of the money? Track 11: This was your last chance to convince me…….. Final Arguments and Closing statements on Onika Maraj’s album review!

Ooooooooooh Enimem, I never dated a white dude before….. Because it’s obvious that you will not sell any RECORDS, don’t get too “COMFY” over there at Cash Money Records Sweeeeetie because if they DROPPED Teena Marie, they are going to be SWEEPING your ASS out the DOOR pretty soon! The battle is over, the battle is not yours it is the Lord’s! Or am I going to have to THROW your ass out of the window? I mean, even the Queen isn’t dissing these BITCHES anymore! It looks like like someone PUMPED helium straight into her body! Can someone tell me what happened with Pretty Money? Regardless of whether or not you agree with her opinions on Miz Minaj, you cannot deny that this is some straight up poetry right here!

Was she talkin about Lil Kim and was not woman enough to say it? You’re old as Methuselum, 969 years old and you’re still dissing and beefing. Wasn’t it Fox Boogie Brown that was hanging tough with Jay Z back in the day? Or was it THYROIDS, FIBROIDS, HONEY BUNS or TWINKIES?

You have been officially sentenced to LIFE without any eligibility for Parole and have been banished from the Hip-Hop community for giving us this weak ass album.