dating com ahmed 2016 - Experiments in validating formal semantics for c

We present the first formal semantics for a substantial core of PHP, based on the official documentation and experiments with the Zend reference implementation.

Our semantics is executable, and is validated by testing it against the Zend test suite.

Dans le cadre du projet Concurrent Cminor, je m'intresse galement la preuve de programmes impratifs fonde sur la logique de sparation.

experiments in validating formal semantics for c-43

We recommend if you wish to execute such programs that you contact Runtime Verification, Inc, which licenses a tool RV-Match based on this semantics which is capable of executing such programs by linking against the native code provided on your system for these libraries.

For more information, contact

A generic matching logic reasoning engine allows you to use the K language semantics for symbolic execution and various kinds of program analysis and verification, without a need to give the language any other (axiomatic or denotational or dynamic, etc.) semantics.

Matching logic consists of a fixed proof system to reason about programs in any language defined with a rewrite-based operational semantics.

KCC comes by default with relatively limited support for the C library.


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