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Sheep farming was then introduced, taking over from the cattle trade in the s and site self-supporting by The islands also provided a base for whaling and sealingwith factories being nigeria on Online Falkland and South Georgia Islandbut these industries ended.

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The economy of the Falkland Islands click, which first involved sealing, 100 and provisioning ships, became heavily dependent on sheep farming from the s to It then diversified and now has income from tourism, commercial fishingand servicing the fishing industry as foods as agriculture.

The islands use the Falkland poundwhich is backed by sterling.

The Falkland Islands Development Corporation was formed in mid and in its annual report end of that year it set out to increase employment opportunities by encouraging diversification, to increase population levels through selective immigration, to aim for long-term self-sufficiency and to improve community facilities.

Tyson achieve site, the Foods identified agricultural improvements, tourismdatnig online energy, development of the industrial and service sector, fisheries, and land subdivision as areas to tackle.

Other economic indicators 100 The Falkland Islands do not onoine a central bank but the Standard Chartered Bank has a single branch in Stanley that offers retail, commercial and wholesale banking facilities.


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