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If we’re alone we might find ourselves in a daze or if we’re with the girls we might lean over and whisper a “He could get it.” We’ve all been there but in reality most of us are more likely to end up with a man who’s a little chubby, has taco meat and might possess just one or two of the above mentioned physical attributes… Don’t be discouraged by this news ladies, these are just the facts of life. But really, they don’t have to learn or use this skill of “looking past” to the level that we do. We women spend exorbitant amounts of time, money and effort into perfecting our outward appearance, mostly because we that men are more visually inclined.

By now you’re probably thinking why is it that women have to settle? But every now and then we’ll see a man who is drop dead gorgeous with a woman who doesn’t quite match his attractiveness.

Yet I forgot the opinion that mattered most—my opinion of myself.

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I’ll never forget, my freshman year of college I met this girl who was trying her best to maintain a long distance relationship with her boyfriend back home. True, he wasn’t hideous but he wouldn’t stop traffic. She was just stating a fact and a phenomenon I’ve observed several times now.

When my other friends and I asked to see his picture, she showed us and then stated matter of factly: “Justin* isn’t cute.” What?!? This was the guy she’d shamelessly expressed her longing, love and affection for and here she was, saying she didn’t think he was cute. While we may say we want this or that physical characteristic in a man; at the end of the day, you or I, could easily end up falling in love with an ugly man.

I was afraid he would realize how much work I needed.

I was waiting for the moment when he would finally understand me and be repulsed. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to understand why someone else would love you. I didn’t love myself and didn’t get much love from my distant family or friends. You can’t replace self-love with love from another.

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