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It enables extremely fast operation of M.2 solid state drives in laptops with NVMe support.In day-to-day home and office tasks, you probably wouldn’t notice NVMe speed boost over already fast standard M.2 SSD operation.It these laptops, PC makers usually pair an empty 2.5” hard drive with an M.2 solid state drive with operating system and programs installed on it.

On the positive side, HDD is the cheapest kind of storage.

A rotational speed of platters of 5,400 rounds-per-minute is the standard one for laptop-use hard drives.

For performance comparison of HDDs and SSDs, which are the most common types of storage in laptops on the market today, you can check out this test.

Other advantages of solid state storage versus hard drives are completely quiet operation, lower power consumption, and lower chances of data loss due to accidental drops.

Hybrid Hard Drive / Solid State Drive Storage (HHDD or SSHD) Laptop-use hybrid hard disk drives (HHDD), also known as solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), combine hard drive and solid state storage in a single 2.5″ device.