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Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains are stunning all year round, but in the autumn, not only will you frequently find bright blue skies and trees covered with a brilliant golden hue, but you’re likely to see more waterfalls than other tourists.

This is an amazing area for hiking as well as exploring historic sites like Glendalough, one of the most important monastic sites in the country, founded by St. If a storm happens to roll in, just duck into one of the many cozy pubs and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire with of pint of Guinness.

The Aragonese Pyrenees seem to define all the superlatives associated with the soaring Pyrenean Mountain Range with some of the highest and wildest peaks, and perhaps the most beautiful of the Spanish Pyrenees.

This is also the home of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, Spain’s first national park, where you’ll not only find an impressive array of fall colors, but a dazzling variety of wildlife and cascading waterfalls.

Here, lochs and rivers reflect the array of gold and copper of tree covered hillsides, making it ideal for exploring and impressive photo taking.