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If you like a man who uses his noodle, you’ll love Jeremie, the co-founder of Hong Kong-based Vietnamese noodle chain Noodlemi.

When he’s not slurping pho, he works in senior equity sales at Mariana Capital Markets Asia. You could name your future son James and revel in the glory of having offspring forever mistaken for Ian Fleming’s celebrated protagonist.

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Tall and lean with boyish good looks, life with Yung would be an aesthetically pleasing experience. But, you best be a dog lover: he and his golden retriever, Brave, are as thick as thieves. Now 25, he is co-founder of Manila’s first luxury eyewear store, Ronnie & Joe, and streetwear store Commonwealth.

His grandfather started the first air-conditioning firm in the Philippines, so you’d never be sweaty by his side.

His signature pout—a suave scowl that might be described as Blue Steel meets Angry Birds—is an acquired taste. And because the CEO of JP Morgan Private Bank in Asia is an uber successful financial wizard with a laid-back, oh-so-friendly demeanour. Andy is, as they say in the classics, a bit of a chick magnet.

The affable businessman always has a beauty on his arm—so be prepared to fight your way to the top of the pack.

He’s good with his hands (we mean, of course, the way this famous pianist caresses the keys).


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    “That’s got to be the most pretentious answer I’ve ever heard,” he scoffs.

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    He has not been part of any notable controversies in his career.

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