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It is said, however, that Russian and Ukrainian women are curious about foreigners.

There is a certain attraction to the mystery of outside cultures and far-off lands. With that being said, traditions and family values are at the root of the culture.

I learnt first hand their views on relationships and dating. In the process I got a good feel for where one should go for either a short holiday fling or move forever to settle down with The One.

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This article will take a look at some of the myths surrounding Russians and Ukrainians, their sexual attitudes and those money hungry Slavic women (wink, wink).

Russian and Ukrainian women will marry anyone to get out of Russia or Ukraine.

Actually, Russians and Ukrainians, in general, are very traditional thinking when it comes to marriage.

A large portion of the population still believes that sex before marriage (or without love) is a no-no.

And we all know that sex is a quick, loveless act only existing to gratify the male and produce offspring.