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The show lasted just one season, and was canceled after the WB/UPN merger.

Robinson has also had a limited career as a singer and recording artist, including the introductory song to 21 Jump Street.

Peete's children's book, My Brother Charlie, won her an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in March 2011.

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However, the three of them begin to bond through having family dinners and looking through photo albums. wanted to impress Coco and let her drive Ridge's Camaro; R. ended up hospitalized with a concussion because Coco took selfies of them while driving and crashed into a tree.

Brooke and Ridge start to feel that sentimental spark again. comforted Coco when Nicole told her she wanted Lizzy back because she was unlikely to have more children.

Cooper (1992–1997), For Your Love (1998–2002), and Like Family (2003–2004).

She was featured in the video for the 1990 hit single "Whip Appeal" by Babyface as the sultry radio host at the beginning of the video.

Brooke feels deeply touched by this and decides to be with Ridge, ending her engagement to Bill. RJ, Brooke, and Ridge get to spend Christmas together as a family, declining from going to the Forrester Mansion, to show their disapproval of Eric's relationship with Quinn. assisted Ridge in recreating a heart in the sand that had been a highlight of one of Ridge and Brooke's previous weddings; R. was overjoyed when the gesture resulted in his parents finally getting back together.