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Anyway, for all it’s worth, if loners are not attractive to women, you wouldn’t see so many of them getting hooked up with hot women all over the place. So here are the attractive traits of the lone wolf personality.Do note that being a loner can display these traits.For example, just because you prefer to do your work outside the presence of your team does not mean that you don’t enjoy partying with them at the club. Circumstances can play a role in which personality hat you prefer to wear.

Since having a huge social circle is often one of the factors that is associated with an attractive man, someone with a lone wolf personality is often seen as a person who will find it tough to get dates.

But on the contrary, some of the most attractive men I personally know, the ones who are always dating hot women one after another, are people that can be categorized as loners. Especially to those who take action to be more social just to seem more attractive to women.

Hence, I have decided to concentrate on myself and not finding someone to be with. I am looking for a male friend (I have 2 BFF’s but they are not on the computer much) to share e-mails with about life, politics, , sports (I LOVE baseball) or anything really.

I have met some nice men, but no “real” connection with any of them. ), dining out or in, baking, walking, York Beach, , bicycle rides, bbq’s and many other things.

Even if you have a 6-pack as hard as stone, or bulging biceps as big as your mother’s head, you won’t rate highly on the masculinity scale if you don’t carry yourself around with confidence.