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For example, just because you prefer to do your work outside the presence of your team does not mean that you don’t enjoy partying with them at the club. Circumstances can play a role in which personality hat you prefer to wear.

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Even if you have a 6-pack as hard as stone, or bulging biceps as big as your mother’s head, you won’t rate highly on the masculinity scale if you don’t carry yourself around with confidence.

In fact, if you don’t already know, many people see men who spend more time at the gym than they spend sleeping, as people who are so low on self-esteem, that they workout so much just to hide that that part of them.

If you already know what a person is all about and can read him like an open book, there is no room to imagine any more possibilities.

Whereas, if you already know maybe 30% of what a person is about but unable to tell what the remaining 70% makes up, it leaves a lot of space for your imagination to run wild. women loves to let their creative thinking run wild…

People often perceive loners as those with weaknesses.