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You said that a humble man is one who "has no interest in establishing his superiority," yet in the very next sentence you said that: "If he sees a spider in the house, he'll catch and release it outside." In some ways, that can be construed as an act of superiority (e.g. Well that a man desires you doesn't mean that he values you.These women obviously doesn't see that behavior that way.

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Sexual exploration and real intimacy are possible with this deeply confident, empathic man. He wants very badly to know you, too, but refrains from asking intimate questions out of respect for your privacy.

He is like a crystal-clear pond that is also black because the bottom is so very far from the surface.

But imagine how sexy he will look sitting on the couch while you do all the cooking and cleaning. Don't let yourself get trapped into a relationship with an arrogant man. I mean, if you want a man (or woman) who's "sincere, fair-minded, and non-greedy," then you must also be sincere, fair-minded, and non-greedy.

Or just think how hot he will look in bed with your best friend. They are the very ones to use guilt tactics to get you to stay way longer than you should. But what confident person would think themselves as otherwise?

"It's just that I studied French, and there is no t sound at the end of appetit." After that brief dark moment, the rest of the dinner goes off without a hitch. It's hot on the dance floor, so you peel down to your sheath dress. " Then he says in a tone that signals what's coming is for your own good, "But you really should gain six pounds." When you are finally home, you kiss him passionately in the car. He suddenly gushes over how hot and wonderful you are. You reassure yourself that he must be sincere because he was so honest in giving you constructive feedback about your weight. Even on his best behavior, his sense of entitlment comes through in evaluating your weight.