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The publisher ultimately decided to pull the book, and Jackie continued to stay silent about what had happened to her. A footnote adds: "Eleven years later, another publisher released a book containing Currie’s account.

It doesn’t mention Jackie in relation to the rape." Now, Currie has released her own comments about Fuchs' accusations, on her Facebook page.

Assessments of her impact at that time differ; one reviewer has written that "the received wisdom that [the Runaways] carved out new territory for female musicians is hard to justify – it's doubtful that the predominantly male audience who flocked to see the 16-year-old [Currie] in her undies picked up any feminist subtext." After three albums with the Runaways (The Runaways, Queens of Noise and Live in Japan), Currie went on to be a solo artist.

She signed a contract with Mercury saying she would record four records, but she left the Runaways after the third album, thus she was obligated to record another album. While in Japan, the twins performed on many TV shows.

Cherie Ann Currie (born November 30, 1959) is an American musician (instrumentalist, singer, songwriter), actress and artist.