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The album features guest work from ex-bandmate, Lita Ford, Currie's son, Jake Hays, and Currie's ex-manager, Kim Fowley.

Cherie toured the UK in November 2015, to support her new album.

The Curries and West signed autographs after the show. In 1999 Rocket City Records released Currie's studio album The 80's Collection. Along with starring in Foxes (her best known film), she starred in Parasite, Wavelength, Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Rosebud Beach Hotel (with Marie Currie), Rich Girl, and others, as well as numerous guest spots on television series (Matlock and Murder, She Wrote, among others).

In 1984 Currie was cast as Brenda in Savage Streets, but was replaced by Linda Blair.

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Not that I ever saw." In 2009, Fuchs also wrote, "We should respect one another, as people, as musicians, and most of all as humans.

The publisher ultimately decided to pull the book, and Jackie continued to stay silent about what had happened to her. A footnote adds: "Eleven years later, another publisher released a book containing Currie’s account.