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The Sittingbourne & Sheerness Railway provided a combined road and rail bridge at King's Ferry, with a lifting section to allow passage of shipping.

Having taken responsibility for passage to the island, the railway company took the role of Wardens and Jury of the King's Ferry and were entitled to charge tolls to road users.

The bridge had three spans of 26 feet 6 inches, with that at the Newport station end being the movable one.

The bridge over the River Arun at Ford is of no aesthetic merit, but is of interest on account of its former opening span.

It was completed in 1862, replacing an earlier timber bridge.

The 465 tons weight of the deck is counter-balanced by a 110 ton weight in each of the towers.

The deck is raised up to 95 feet above high water by two 120 horsepower direct current electric motors located below the towers.

Rather than being a swing bridge, it had a retractable centre section, 90 feet long, which could be drawn back onto the fixed span at the eastern end.