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If you’re thinking about forgoing a flu shot this season, Joseph De Veau, M. Another version, the intradermal shot, has a very small needle that can be used on people 18 to 64. A common misconception is that you can contract the flu from a flu vaccine, but Dr. Before each flu season, the CDC determines which strains of influenza appear to most likely to occur that year.

D., a primary care physician at Piedmont Physicians Group, can give you 10 reasons why you should reconsider: 1. While the flu is common, it can cause some serious complications that sometimes require hospitalization, such as dehydration, worsening of chronic illnesses, bacterial pneumonia, and ear or sinus infections. “Really, you can’t feel the needle at all,” he says. De Veau says that is not possible because the shot uses a deadened form of the virus. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that this year's vaccine may be less effective than in years past because the virus has mutated, the vaccine will still reduce your chances of contracting certain strains of the virus.

“It’s easy to give to other people, and we see people all over the place, so you really are at risk,” says Dr.

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There are a few possible side effects from the vaccine, such as headache, stuffy nose or sore throat.

While many people experience no side effects, if you do, they should only last for a day or so.

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When you do come across the real flu, then you’re ready to fight it off and not get sick from the flu.” 8.