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British traveler Jon Howe recalls his experience dating a fellow long-term adventurer, Filipino Kach Medina.What was supposed to be a two-week visit for them has since turned into almost two years together Back in 2005 and for about 10 years before, I was living in the UK, studying architecture and working 9-to-5s in different architectural practices.Being from the United Kingdom, you inevitably become accustomed to Western ways and of course in turn, Western women. In the UK, if a person, known or unknown, were to arrive at your door, for what we’ll assume is some good and honest reason, then you would at first be a little suspicious. Even before you can manage a single, socially awkward , ‘Err, hello, so nice to meet you,’ you’ll already have met Mum, Dad, the grandparents and anyone else who happens to be in easy reach.

It might sound easy enough to say a number and end up there, but no one knows which movies theater is which in Burbank, so either head to the place together or avoid going at all, because communication will get lost somehow, someway. Moby Disc If you’re new to the area, locals from the Valley won’t let you live down the fact that you probably don’t remember Moby Disc, which was a record store for years.

These days, a newbie might just see a Baja Fresh/Cold Stone when they drive by the former location of the greatest store ever, but don’t make the mistake of mentioning it without getting a nice razzing. She Probably Comes From Money For better or worse, those who were raised in the Valley have the perception of wealth and, OK, being a bit spoiled. She May Refer to It as the “818” There are a lot of people who like to talk about their city in area codes—and the Valley is no different.

For Kach, everything is a potential discount, matter how small.

She will quite happily spend half an hour trying to negotiate 5 cents off the price of an apple and then perform a victory dance on upon completion of the deal! The mysterious truth It’s a well-trodden stereotype in the West that Asian women are exceptionally loving, loyal and generous to their men and this is certainly true of Filipino women (though I’ve only known one! However, let it be crystal clear that this is not the same as subservient; personally I want a relationship, an equal partner.

Kach often tells me that although many Filipinos are very patient, if you push them too far, they could really hurt you.


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    You’ve been clear as to what you want from him; you’ve let him know that you’re not going to keep something going if he doesn’t leave his wife and you’ve given a time frame.

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