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It will have remained as a sacred boundary marker for 300 years before King Nechtan’s Christianizing campaign in the 8th C introduced cross-carved stones.

Throughout the early years of Christianity in this far-northern corner of the former Pictish kingdom, therefore, sacred sites were in no immediate danger.

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Scots Law to this day is guided by essential elements of its Pictish origins.

Pictish family systems are often likened to the Clan system of the West, but in a Pictish Northeast mindset, it is once again a different concept.

While now difficult to view, It bears Pictish Class I symbols of crescent-and-V-rod, double-disc-and-Z-rod and mirror-and-comb.

It probably served as the original sacred boundary marker for this early pre-Christian Pictish place; it dates to the fifth century.

These were often saved from destruction by gunpowder or the plough by deep-seated superstition.