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In recent years church buildings themselves have gone under the hammer, turning from sacred places of worship to private homes with the arbitrary wave of 121’s magisterial wand.

Aberdeenshire is traditionally famed for its Pictish symbol stones, thought to date from at least the 5th century, the earliest found in profusion on fertile farmland of busy agricultural communities.

Bourtie is blessed to be among those which retain their original Pictish carved stones.

Here, when the pre-Reformation kirk was restored and rebuilt in 1806, not only was the pre-Reform belfry recycled, but the ancient Pictish stone with its incised carvings was built into the top right course of the south kirk wall.

Sculpted into ‘dressed’ blocks, and dating from after King Nechtan’s (706-729) campaign of Christianizing his Kingdom: usually a cross-shaft sharing space with animal ’spirits’, familiar to the pre-Christian population: these can be found in St.