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A lien filed in Texas shows that he owed more than $1.6 million in March 2006. Mr Bryan said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that he received the tax bill after "unravelling" a stockholding arrangement that was previously used as a loophole by investors to delay paying tax, before it was banned by US authorities in 1997.

"I had a thing that you will never want to happen in your life," he said.

And even if Wintour isn’t just doing this out of the goodness of her heart, and is indeed expecting something in return for all her efforts — you know, besides the respect, influence, and social standing — there are plenty of other (and arguably much better) ways the Obamas can thank her besides shipping her off to England.

For example, might get another Michelle Obama cover feature with unprecedented access to the White House, and of course Wintour will be invited to as many fancy political dinners as she can stand to attend.

Asked why he had not acted to clear the entire tax bill immediately, Mr Bryan said: "I would have loved to have done that – if I had the cash I could have".