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But just know – truly – taking steps to take back your life – to trust yourself – will be the best thing you can do for your relationship with your addict | alcoholic loved one and for yourself.

I’ll leave you with one last post link because of the resources it shares that may help you with this effort, “First Things First – When Recovery From Addiction Feels Overwhelmingly Difficult, Keep It Simple.” It’s not possible, nor should you, trust your addict | alcoholic loved one until s/he makes the decision to get help (and there are many ways they can be helped, by the way).

And it is these brain changes that make it impossible for your loved one to change their behaviors when drinking or drugging because the brain controls everything a person thinks, feels, says and does. In this post, you will find a host of resources that explains the brain disease of addiction, addiction cravings, why it is that some people who abuse drugs or alcohol as much as another person never cross the line to addiction, and how it is that drugs or alcohol hijack a person’s brain and therefore that person’s behaviors.

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Until then, I am not going to talk about any of this.” Your reply really can be short and sweet.

You do not have to explain nor get their acceptance (nor are you able to, really, because if that were the case, it would have already happened in any one of your previous arguments). I found this especially difficult because I was so ready for it to be done.

My best friend just so happened to be in town with her boyfriend; they were visiting him.

We all ate barbecue together, had a few craft beers and went back to his place.

In the meantime, it’s okay to be selfish – meaning to do what you need to do to figure things out – because that is what will give you the strength to trust yourself, to stand your ground, to set your healthy boundaries.