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Knowing that I understood how the latest spy tech worked, he’d come to me to explain what he needed doing – I didn’t need to ask why.

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His barrister, Jonathan Caplan QC, said the DJ had fallen victim to a police investigation with a 'fixation on celebrities'.'But, the problem is, we live in a modern PC world, and a lot of organisations when they get hit with these, they are wondering how they should handle it too.

So there's part of me, if I was a boss, thinking 'this is tricky'…

However, despite being cleared, he has spent much of the last two years desperately fighting the claims after being arrested for the alleged sex offences just minutes after finishing a radio show on Magic FM in 2014.'I was gobsmacked. 'I was on bail for three months, then another four. Thank god for the kids, they keep you really level.'He had been accused of sexually abusing schoolgirls and young women over a 26-year period, including allegedly forcibly kissing two girls at roadshow events and molesting a 15-year-old fan in the station's record library.

They took me down to Charing Cross, slapped me in a cell for an-hour–and-a- half while they found a lawyer for me. 'Scarlett was 13 at the time and as her dad, I had to sit down and have an honest chat with her.

The trouble was, he didn’t really understand how it worked.