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A converted shower bay in the East Block hosts religious services.Many prison programs available for most inmates are unavailable for death row inmates.

The chamber was converted to an execution chamber where lethal injection was used.

Subsequently, a new lethal injection chamber was built.

Though numerous towns and localities in the area are named after Roman Catholic saints, and "San Quentín" is Spanish for "Saint Quentin", the prison was not named after the saint.

The land on which it is situated, Point Quentin, is named after a Coast Miwok warrior named Quentín, fighting under Chief Marin, who was taken prisoner at that place. Cooper sold the rancho in 1850, and the state bought 20 acres for a prison in 1852.

Carlos Romero Ochoa had murdered a federal immigration officer after he was caught smuggling Mexicans across the border near El Centro, California.