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Plaza starred in the online series The Jeannie Tate Show, and stars as Robin Gibney in ESPN's Mayne Street.

We did not fall in love just to have a physical relationship.” Born in June 1984, Aubrey Christina Plaza is a successful actress and former fashion model of the US.

She rose to the limelight with her powerful appearance as April Ludgate in “Parks and Recreation”.

We wish both of them good luck and expect that they would soon complete their family with a little baby.

Same goes for Zack Galifianakis (why is he suddenly in every movie?

According to Daily Mail, the two celebs have ‘almost married’ in a private ceremony in Las Vegas.


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    She's an attractive 31-year-old from Hungerford in Berkshire with a successful career as a three-day event rider and a busy social diary.

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    The Mc Jakey campaign was born after Rachel Mc Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal presented together at the Oscars. Jake is currently shooting a movie in Montreal called . Interestingly and awkwardly enough, Kirsten Dunst, who is also in Montreal working on a different movie, was also there with a girlfriend sitting on the opposite side of the venue.