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Here’s why: Denver is home to many a fine 'hood, each with its unique set of local inhabitants.

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We even have an annual town run called the Bolder Boulder, a 10-kilometer road race that features over 54,000 participants, (making it the largest race in the U. If it’s not organic, local, free-range, vegan or gluten-free, we won’t eat it.

We spend our Saturdays at the farmer’s market, so if you’re at King Soopers using a plastic bag (one of the most pure forms of evil in this town), you might as well wrap it around your head and hope that you suffocate before someone else sees you.

Boulder has won just about every lifestyle award possible: Happiest, Healthiest, Greenest, Brainiest.

Outside and National Geographic repeatedly list Boulder as one of the “Best Places to Live & Play.” Just in case you don’t read those magazines (except you totally do if you live here), our official city website profiles every accolade this town has received since 1989. I could count the number of days it has rained since I moved here on one hand.

If you’re doing it right, you spend more time wearing spandex and jerseys with pockets than all other articles of clothing combined. According to the 2010 Census, 89 percent of the Boulder County population is Caucasian.