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If you’re doing it right, you spend more time wearing spandex and jerseys with pockets than all other articles of clothing combined. According to the 2010 Census, 89 percent of the Boulder County population is Caucasian.

This Daily Camera quote sums up just how absurd we are by getting a foreigner’s take on things: “And Patel—who has practiced yoga since he was a child—found it odd that in a Boulder yoga studio, the instructor repeated ‘Namaste’ throughout the class.

‘It was like he was saying ‘Hello’ throughout the entire class,’ he said.” When we are not being hardcore outdoorsy, you can find us enjoying chai teas and microbrews on our main drag: Pearl Street.

Elite athletes from all over the country come here to train, so don’t feel bad when that 50-year-old silver fox yells “On your left!

” and cycles past you as you’re huffing and puffing up Flagstaff. When it comes to pretentious foodies, Boulder takes the cake, or in this case—the kale.

The most important quality a person can have in this town (besides their Chaco tan) is their dedication to the outdoors. Try looking at the people: I have yet to see a morbidly obese person—seriously, not one.