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I hadn't had any problems the first time around - maybe that site was bought by Dating Factory...

I signed up for the shortest period (2 weeks I think).

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For each payment they took from my credit card I received no notification or receipt and when I did notice the payment reference bore no relation to their trading name simply reading '

Obviously I thought I had been defrauded and contacted the credit card company who arranged a chargeback and filed a report on Action Fraud.

They weigh risks, knowing that most people will just deal with a small loss, rather than fight it.

Contacting your state's Attorney General's office would be a good idea.

You have to suspend the payments first--but you can't do that unless you send a written statement requesting suspension of payment. Before I even realized the extent of their deception, I contacted my credit card company, explained what had happened, and they said they would refund two months of charges.


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