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When I read the messages, I realized they were fake. I complained, asked for a refund, made it clear I wanted nothing to do with their site and called them out on their scam. I later discovered that the charges were reoccurring.

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I'm not a lawyer, or a judge, but I would be willing to bet that none of this is legal. Even I face the same problem as callforjustice has faced...

Completely same problem, now is there any way that I can come out of it without cancelling my debit card and changing it to a new one..

I have had problems with a recurring payment from a dating website called Single Artists Dating which comes under the Dating Factory umbrella.

I initially signed up for a special offer subscription when this ended instead of informing me they just started taking money from my account.

Though this company is very clever with how they operate and manipulate the law, it's not legal--and they know that. Their unwillingness to bend with refunds is going to result in a lawsuit.