Scrapbook dating ideas

Do you have labels, stickers, tags, or rub-ons with a variety pre-printed phrases or expressions in your stash? You’ll save time in coming up with a title, rendering it and figuring out where to put it on the page.

There are some subjects and locations and I scrapbook over and over through the years.

Selecting and then placing each alpha you need to make the words of your title can take more time than you sometimes have.

Amanda Robinson says, “I created this layout to document thoughts about our wedding and how it was unique to us. I created a visual triangle with clusters, top left with the title, this also helps to set the scene.

Check out their stories and get inspired to tell your own. It was about celebrating all the things that bring us together as a couple. The story is what this layout is all about so I wanted to make it easy to read.

Lynnette Penacho turned her title on its side and extended it from the bottom of her photo block to the top.

When things aren’t quite fitting, even when you’ve played with spacing, insert a spacer like Lynnette’s orange flower to get it all lined up.

I love you xxx” Stefanie Semple says, “I have wanted to tell the story of our first date for a very long time and am glad to have finally done it.


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