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Grab some word art that supports your subject and use that.

The wordart by Ali Edwards on “What I Want t Remember About Today” is perfect for conveying my desire to hold on to the memory of my son and a neighbor scootering home from the bus stop on the last day of school.

I’d left the titling of this page to the end — and once I got to the end I really didn’t want to add anything more to the design — and I wanted to call the page done.

When you title a scrapbook page, you spend time deciding what your title will be, what product you’ll use, how you’ll incorporate the title into the page design, and then getting the letters and words of your title onto the page.

Here are ten ideas for saving time getting titles onto your scrapbook pages. Not up for rendering the long title a page might need (such as “Coming Home on the Last Day of School” which I actually considered for the page below)?

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by Debbie Hodge Every part you add to a scrapbook page takes time.

It supports the idea that, yes, we got married, but it was not a typical wedding. The male and female icons, in the bottom left cluster are nondescript, because I didn’t want this to be an overly romantic layout, even though there are hearts as a motif they are small and subtle as our love story was only beginning.