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id=INTEXT:you can find literally everything using intext, you could even use the inurl dorks whit this.intext:"Design & Developed By Seawind Solution Pvt.

Ltd."Google will give you all the websites created by IT Masons taht recently has bypass Admin Page Vulnerability in some websites,to try just choose a target from google and add this to the url /adminpanel/And fill username and password like the information below : Username : '=' 'OR'Password : '=' 'OR'and you will get the admin panel of the website some example: will define this massage and will look for what had this error for example,define:"sql syntax error"SITE: Obvious, when we will use it, google will looks for a site .site:Google will look for any site related with wonderhowto.

site:nullbyte.com3- THE FORMULA OF GOOGLE DORKSDorks : They are like search criteria in which a search engine returns results related to your dork.

The process can be a little time consuming, but the outcome will be worth it after learning on how to use dorks.

Edgy Labs does not condone the use of Google Dorks to “hack” websites.