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A special loan for archives materials must have the permission of the MCC Collection Development Librarian or the Library Director. Revised 6/17 Please refer to Maricopa Libraries Borrowing Guidelines for information on checkout periods, renewals, and related information.Confidentiality of Borrower Records MCC Library adheres to Arizona Statute 41-151.22 that provides for the privacy of library user records and the American Library Association’s Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records.

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Requestors can view the materials at the table in the Archives area.

Upon request materials may be photocopied provided they are not confidential, restricted, nor will be damaged during the photocopying.

Maricopa Community College students, faculty and staff may check out the calculators at the services/circulation desk with a valid student or employee ID card.

The check out period is 3 hours and the calculators may leave the library for in-class use only. There is a non-refundable replacement charge for a damaged or lost calculator plus a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee.

In these cases, the Library Director alone may report the name of the user to MCC administration or faculty.