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Campus Public Safety is responsible for closing the library building at the designated closing time.

Maricopa Community College students, faculty and staff may check out the calculators at the services/circulation desk with a valid student or employee ID card.

The check out period is 3 hours and the calculators may leave the library for in-class use only. There is a non-refundable replacement charge for a damaged or lost calculator plus a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Per these stipulations, it is the MCC Library's policy to maintain the confidentiality of borrowers' records.

As such, Library staff will not disclose library user identities. can be invoked when an individual abuses the borrowing privileges regarding Reserve Materials thereby infringing on the needs of other community college members.

Rooms are not to be used for functions such as committee meetings, classes, seminars or lectures as other facilities are available for these activities.