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The second season of Mc Leod's Daughters was equally successful, being the third most popular drama on Australian television.

By 2003, the show was the most popular drama series on Australian television The popularity of the program in Australia was highlighted when the show won four Logie Awards, including Lisa Chappell winning most popular female actor and Aaron Jeffery winning most popular actor, with the show itself winning most popular Australian drama series in 20.

On 6 July 2017, the Nine Network confirmed that they are in talks with Posie Graeme-Evans about a potential reboot of the series.

On 6 September 2017, Posie Graeme-Evans announced, "We have a story now, and I think it's a cracker.

The series was sold internationally via Southern Star to many countries around the world where it has endured enormous success and developed a devoted fan base in the United States, Canada, Ireland and several European countries. The series has been nominated for forty-one Logie Awards, winning eight in total including Most Popular Actress, Most Popular actor and Most Popular Australian Drama Series.