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The fantasy film Magadheera (2009 ) was released to critical acclaim; with a worldwide share of ₹78.1 crore (US$13 million) making it one of the highest grossing Telugu films of the time. Prasad, and Jaya Krishna Gummadi one of the pioneering cinematographers in Telugu cinema, have garnered nationwide recognition for their work in cinematography in various Indian languages. Rama Rao, Jaggayya, Kanta Rao, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, Suryakantam, Gummadi, Savitri , Krishnam Raju and Sobhan Babu are the actors who received the erstwhile Rashtrapati Award for best performance in a leading role. According to "The Hindu", and "The Indian Express" he was "Such a divine talent and with his songs he could move the hearts of the people." "Ghantasala's blending of classical improvisations to the art of light music combined with his virtuosity and sensitivity puts him a class apart, above all others in the field of playback singing"." Works by S. Multi-instrumentalists duo Raj-Koti holds a notable career spanning a decade, the duo has garnered particular acclaim for redefining contemporary music.

The film was dubbed into Malayalam, Tamil and was remade in Bengali as Yodha-The Warrior, and emerged as a box office hit. Actor and producer, Krishna Ghattamaneni is credited with producing many technological firsts in Telugu film industry like the first Cinemascope film Alluri Seetharama Raju, first 70mm film Simhasanam, first DTS film Telugu Veera Levara (1988) and introducing cowboy and James Bond styles to the Telugu screen. Sharada, Archana, Vijayashanti, Rohini, Nagarjuna Akkineni, and P. Narayana are the actors to receive the National Film Award for best performance in acting. The film became the first Telugu project to release in Botswana and was opened in a single screen with one show by the Telugu Association of Botswana.

CNN-IBN listed Patala Bhairavi (1951), Malliswari (1951), Devadasu (1953), Mayabazar (1957), Nartanasala (1963), Maro Charithra (1978), Maa Bhoomi (1979), Sankarabharanam (1979), Sagara Sangamam (1983), and Siva (1989), among The 100 Greatest Indian Films of All Time. The first Telugu film with audible dialogue, Bhakta Prahlada, was produced by H. Reddy, who directed the first South Indian talkie Kalidas (1931).