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No slippers, open-toed shoes, or sandals will be permitted as detailed in the Code of Conduct.

• Court ordered community service volunteers that spend time texting, using cell phones, causing disruptions or being otherwise unproductive will not have their hours verified and will be required to leave as detailed in the Code of Conduct.

Americans can climb the social ladder, defy all odds and attain monumental achievements.

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This will ensure that volunteering both benefits the community and engages the student in an area that excites him or her.

Additionally, community service sensitizes people to the travails of others, while also providing volunteers with valuable interpersonal skills.

Their youth both sacrifice for the common good and learn about the vast disparities in the backgrounds of their compatriots.

America has no such gathering point for all of society.

• Court ordered community service volunteers will be asked the number of hours they need to complete, the date by which they must complete those hours, and the court issuing the hours.