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There will be many from Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, China, the Philippines, and of course Arabic.

Generally the Russian and Eastern European girls will be the most expensive as well as the Arabic.

If you want to get the cheapest sex in Dubai from nightclub girls head to the bar in the York International Hotel where girls will go for 400-500, maybe less if you negotiate hard.

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Others may set a high price of 1,000 AED or more and never budge.

If you see one you like approach her like a gentleman and strike up a conversation. If she thinks you are a safe guy to go with maybe she will give you a fair price. Any of the best nightclubs in town will have prostitutes in Dubai and not all of them are at the swanky hotels.

It may seem odd that this is the first thing that is listed but it is probably your best bet for finding hookers.

They are looking for the rich businessman and foreign men who can afford to stay at the swanky hotels.

For the high class escorts in Dubai you can go to prostitute nightclubs like: These should all be filled with sexy ladies of the night in skimpy dresses looking to get your cash.