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Her twin hair ornaments are weapons (although later in the series, they also serve other purposes as well).

Ranpha's favorite food to eat and cook is spicy foods.

Milfie was the one who invited Takuto to join them in their mission and she is the first person in the manga who openly trusts Takuto.

Near the end of the manga, when Takuto asked Milfie how she felt when she found out that he was the one piloting the Sharp Shooter, he leans in to kiss her before she could even continue answering Takuto's question for her.

The newest member of the Angel Troupe at the start of the series.


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    Il nome originale della piazza era "in Agone" (dal latino "", giochi), a partire dal XV sec., in concomitanza con lo svilupparsi di chiese e palazzi nobiliari, le costruzioni adiacenti lo stadio furono demolite per dare spazio ad edifici più moderni dall'inconfondibile stile rinascimentale e barocco, fu così che gradualmente Piazza Navona prese forma.