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We recommend installable versions of GNU (more precisely, GNU/Linux distributions) which are entirely free software. The free software movement campaigns to win for the users of computing the freedom that comes from free software.

Free software puts its users in control of their own computing.

Muchos que manejan un Mc Laren también poseen otros autos superveloces como Porsche, Aston Martin, o Ferrari, en lo que se refiere a Bentley vs. Es similar a quienes son fieles a la marca Ford o GM, pero al otro extremo del espectro.

He manejado todos los Rolls que hay actualmente en el mercado, más algunos de décadas pasadas.

Nowadays the free software movement goes far beyond developing the GNU system.


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    Campus officials took initiative to help students with the transition. The K-State Student Union celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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