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Reggaeton is a popular genre of music in Colombia that originated in the late 1990s in Puerto Rico, in underground clubs in the capital San Juan.

Heavily influenced by hip hop, Caribbean sounds and Latin American rhythms, it often features rapping or singing in Spanish.

The music genre is also popular in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Guatamala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Peru.

A small number of reggaeton songs have broken into the US, European and Asian charts: one song in particular was Daddy Yankee’s 2005 hit “Gasoline” and more recently Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” from April 2017.

The custom billboard utilizes classic Barminski elements – dramatic colors, a textured look, and imagery evocative of 1950s advertisements embellished with the artist’s unique use of double mouths – and the simple inquiry, “Friends With Benefits?