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Documenting every incident will assist the police in making a stronger case.?Important Fact Stalking often involves a long term pattern of events which is why each and every incident you experience must be recorded and reported to police.?Handle these carefully in case they can be used to obtain forensic evidence.?

Your local Domestic Violence Liaison Officer (DVLO) is available to help you and if they are unavailable, then any police officer at a station can take the report.?

If you think you are being stalked it is essential that you keep a diary of incidents including the date, time, what happened, names of any witnesses, etc.?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey 2005, released in 2006, identified that ? It needs to be reported to the police so they may assist in preventing the stalker from committing a more serious crime such as assault, sexual assault, domestic homicide, or cyber theft of identity.??

men and women who had experienced violence during the last 12 months were more likely than those who had not experienced violence, to have also experienced stalking or harassment during this time.?? This means if you have recently left an abusive relationship that you may be at risk of being stalked and you need to know what to do if this occurs.? It is important for you to document all incidents of possible stalking and to report them to the police.?

The local police can also issue a 24-hour temporary restraining order in extraordinary cases while the main application is going through.