Cornwall adult sex workers

In school we have dedicated time from thefollowing professionals: • Educational Psychologist• Counsellor• Drama therapist We also work closely with other agencies to meet students’ needs, including: • CAMHS Nurse• Occupational Therapists• School Nurse• School GP• Social Workers• Wider CAMHS professionals All staff at Oak Tree School have received Team-Teach training which informs them of a broad spectrum of risk reduction strategies.

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Oak Tree School works closely with the Local Authority to ensure that the child or young person is offered provision that can meet their needs.

When the school has been identified as appropriate provision the Headteacher will organise a meeting on site.

Ongoing assessment is used to inform how students are progressing against this baseline assessment.

Oak Tree School’s senior staff will meet on a half termly basis to identify students who are not progressing as expected so that action plans can be developed to help implement and evaluate intervention strategies.

For admission to Oak Tree School children and young people will: Oak Tree School is a special school positioned near the city of Truro in Cornwall.