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OVERVIEW: Mandatory overtime is an issue faced by many medical-surgical nurses across the nation.Mandatory overtime is seen by some as a solution to the nursing shortage, cost-cutting layoffs, and redesign of health care organizations. : Too long, too much, and without enough rest between shifts.

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The law (“Act 102”) prohibits healthcare facilities from requiring nurses and other direct caregivers to work in excess of agreed to, predetermined, and regularly scheduled daily work shifts.

Facts about the Law The law covers employees who work in direct patient care or clinical services, including RNs, LPNs, respiratory therapists, and certain laboratory technicians. The law provides for certain exceptions including declared national, state, or municipal emergencies, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or widespread outbreaks of disease.

MGL c.111, s.226 Mandatory overtime for nurses MGL c.111, s.231 Patient assignments per nurse in intensive care units MGL c.112, s.74 et seq Registration of certain professions: Nursing MGL c.

112, s.80E Nurse practitioners may issue written prescriptions and order tests.

“If you don’t stay and work extra, who will take the admission that’s coming? If you’ve been told by your nurse manager that you must work “mandatory” overtime, don’t buy it!