Dating a man with bad teeth

I don't even have bad health, but my teeth are yellow and black in places, and I haven't smiled a true smile in years, even when I laugh, I have to hide my teeth.

It's funny how pretty much anything with your body that you neglect can 9 times out of 10 be fixed by getting on the right path....except teeth, which considering how important a good smile is, is ridiculous.

Worryingly, from the pool of 2,000 people, married respondents have an average of three dating apps on their phones and speak to four people on average at the same time.

To help people overcome their virtual blunders, Plusnet has teamed up with Love Island’s Marcel for some straight-talking romance advice.

Reading that article last night was pretty damn depressing, they'd date a guy with any other flaws (Obesity, Missing Limbs, Bad Personality, Bald, Lazy, etc) but if it came to bad teeth, no chance in hell. Guess I'll put my insult suit on, I'm sure there's just so many nice people on here. I haven`t smiled in years and I haven`t kissed a woman in many many years, I am so embarrassed about it. I had one doctor tell me he thought it was hereditary.