Dating a man with bad teeth Adult dating rochester ny

Anyone can just say, go brush your teeth, which I would take years and probably a lifetime I don't have, to get my teeth white again. I've never talked about this openly with anyone, so I figure this is my only outlet.

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So, I've wandered this earth now for many years, and each year my teeth get worse.

I admit I neglected them in the past, but what makes it so bad is neglecting them in the past will leave a lifetime of hardships.

You can get the black ones taken out completely, and get them replaced, you can whiten your teeth with whiteners. It costs a pretty penny, but you see dentists make a lot of money for a reason... I know I have met girls who are sickened by six pack abs.

If it reallybothers you this much, then you should invest in that. Maybe teenage bimbos and the girls who flock to the Jersey Shore want that, but not all of them. I'm going by my own experiences with younger women, and by what I've experienced, they only want one thing - A guy with 6 pack abs who they'll look good next to.

I never knew my dad or anyone on his side of the family so I know nothing about it. But if you keep wanting shallow bimbos your only headed for heartbreak.