Fucking dating site no sign up - Dating a man with bad teeth

With Brits being known for having bad teeth, it’s no wonder we’ve become self conscious as a nation for our gnashers.

It’s only fair that we want our bae to be as good looking as possible (but not too attractive as to outshine us).

Some of the alternatives to meeting through an app include having ‘met at a bar’ or ‘through mutual friends’.

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I don't even have bad health, but my teeth are yellow and black in places, and I haven't smiled a true smile in years, even when I laugh, I have to hide my teeth.

It's funny how pretty much anything with your body that you neglect can 9 times out of 10 be fixed by getting on the right path....except teeth, which considering how important a good smile is, is ridiculous.

Something tells me the teeth thing has always been an issue but he still checks all the other boxes, so something tells me his personality outweighs the two teeth that could be fixed. If its through bad hygiene or illness and he hasn't had them seen to - still the same thing. maybe a dentist if it's SO BAD but I'm sure an amicable resolution can be reached I don't have a problem with people who have had dental work or missing or crooked teeth etc.

I was with a guy who had no teeth on top at all and a few on the bottom it didn't bother me at all i still thought he smile was adorable!

If it's him being unhygienic and not taking care of them then that would be kind of a dealbreaker for me. he happened to have bad teeth or whatever, then I'd try to figure out how to fix it, if that was possible. Beauty is a curse to a degree because you brought up a great example in how we judge our appearance on the one's we're close with, but I can empathize. but if there all crooked and mangled, that would be an issue for me. I've got to admit that it would be a deal breaker for me also.