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And some victims were secretly photographed, never even aware their images were being captured on camera.Research by the organization revealed that a vast majority of victims — somewhere around 80 percent — are women.The situation, which first came to the attention of school officials during the previous school year, was revealed publicly in a letter officials of Hamilton Southeastern Schools sent Aug.

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Some states, for instance, make the crime a misdemeanor, such as Hale’s proposal would have done.

In other states, the unauthorized distribution of images of an adult who is nude or engaged in a sex act is a felony, carrying penalties of up to five years in prison.

She knows firsthand; she was a victim before she started helping others.

Chiarini said the CCRI has assisted more than 4,000 victims in the past 30 months, and officials suspect that is only a small percentage of the total.“Many victims are too ashamed to report or don’t know where to go,” she explained.

The two options, Franks said, have advantages and disadvantages.