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“While we would not approve of employees posting these images of themselves and would take immediate steps to address such actions, this was not the situation.The employee finished last school year without incident.”School officials noted that many states — but not Indiana — “have criminal laws to specifically punish unauthorized postings such as the one that occurred here ...In short, there is increasing recognition that this type of anonymous and unauthorized dissemination of images is not acceptable.”A school spokeswoman said the district would have no other comment on the matter.

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The two options, Franks said, have advantages and disadvantages.

Misdemeanor laws are often more palatable to legislators concerned about law enforcement resources and prison overcrowding, but making the crime a felony may help law enforcement agencies justify investing the time and resources to conduct investigations.

She knows firsthand; she was a victim before she started helping others.

Chiarini said the CCRI has assisted more than 4,000 victims in the past 30 months, and officials suspect that is only a small percentage of the total.“Many victims are too ashamed to report or don’t know where to go,” she explained.

Some states, for instance, make the crime a misdemeanor, such as Hale’s proposal would have done.