Ps3 trophy list not updating

Had me delete the install of the game (hard copy) and install it again, sync my trophies, lastly they wanted me to delete my user and make a new one - that is where I told them it wasn't worth my time.

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ps3 trophy list not updating-89

If your PS3™ system software version is 4.82 (or later), you do not need to perform this update.

my uncharted trophies dont seem to be updating now, i have only got 15% of the trophies apparently but i have checked that i have found 17 treasures and the trophy system has not recognised this, it only has unlocked the 5 treasure trophy. If you've entered any button combinations to unlock the rewards e.g.

In fact, I completed the campaign and kills for Diablo and the ROS boss are fine and were done after Asmodean and Zoltun Kulle.

Now, when I killed Asmodean and Zoltun on Saturday, this was the same time that the PSN service went down for a few hours. It syncs the trophies and then I scroll through to Diablo 3 and it shows not complete for Asmodean or Zoltun.

Anyone know why this happened and if I can resolve? I played the game on a second PS4 and earned multiple trophies that did not show up on my account until I manually synched the trophy data.