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Details 19/06/2017 The Hörnligrat on the Matterhorn is the route most taken by Alpinists, who want to reach the summit.

The Solvay Bivouac has been available for climbers in distress since 1917.

But it does not always have to be the north face of a four thousand-metre peak.

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Regular guests and locals have a very good culinary memory of Rufibach.

The Bern native was already chef de cuisine in the Zermatterhof from 1996 to 2002.

Now 25 cows and 7 calves graze on the alpine meadows at Riffelalp.

Those initiating this effort want to uphold the Valais alp culture in Zermatt.

The results for Zermatt can be marveled at: 18 Zermatt restaurants were awarded points – with 17 for the best.