is chelsea kane dating brian dales - Weed dating ohio

Let me be clear — I’m not what most people would consider a pothead.

I’m a professional with a successful career and adult responsibilities.

If you’re looking for love and you like to get high, a weed dating app maybe the way to go. He made me a drawing and said we were meant to be together. I used to be like I’m not good at smoking weed, I get paranoid, whatever. One time we were smoking together and we didn’t know each other that well.

But that really depends on you and how important is to you that your partner is down to vape and chill. (laughs) I honestly think the app I’ve used the most as a dating app is Twitter. Have you ever heard of weed-specific dating apps like Stoner Singles, High There, 420 Mates, or 420Singles? I think I was really drunk and he was doing coke and I didn’t realize that. He’d done so much coke that when we made out, I pulled back and I was like, “What’s up with your mouth?

We've already looked at a few of the most popular apps. I don’t do well with people talking about themselves. If someone responds to the question “how are you” and they talk about work, I’m immediately turned off.