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The Instagram user captioned the serendipitous moment, "When you just tryna get a cute pic on the beach and some couple photobombs you #Selena Gomez #justinbieber."As the eyewitness tells E!News, "They were very happy together and kissing."We're told Jeremy's wedding was "laid back and casual," and the groomsmen—including Justin—all wore matching pink shorts.

An orphan, Grace lobbied her local Methodist ministers for a church service to honour fathers in 1908.

The story goes that she was inspired to do this after a mining disaster killed 362 local men.

FATHER' S DAY is one of those dates you really don't want to forget - but it can prove annoyingly hard to keep track of, because the date changes every year.

We've already celebrated our mums this year with Mothering Sunday, and dad's special day is TODAY! Each year, in the UK, Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June - which falls on 18th this year - that's TODAY.

Honestly, it took Simone asking, “Dad, why are you so angry?