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Always scoop food, using the proper utensil, away from you. If you do not like the food and feel unable to give a compliment, just keep silent.

Cut only enough food for the next mouthful (cut no more than two bites of food at a time). It is acceptable to leave some food on your plate if you are full and have eaten enough.

As soon as you are seated, remove the napkin from your place setting, unfold it, and put it in your lap. At some very formal restaurants, the waiter may do this for the diners, but it is not inappropriate to place your own napkin in your lap, even when this is the case.

The napkin rests on the lap till the end of the meal.

Never continue to eat long after others have stopped. You can use your napkin to protect yourself from spills. Wash your hands before returning to the dining room.


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